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Blueberry Wild Violet Salad

Blueberry Wild Violet Salad ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #purple #spring #salad #recipe

with goat cheese crumbles, sweet roasted almond slices (not pictured), dandelion petals (optional) and a lovely honey lemon ginger dressing I’m a purple lover. Everything purple appeals to me. It’s been like this since childhood. Since Donny Osmond and his silly purple socks. Who remembers that? I know … I’m a dork. But even if […]

Farfalle Romesco with Sausage & Arugula

Farfalle Romesco with Sausage & Arugula ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #pasta #recipe

When I discovered that marvelous Smoky Spanish Romesco Sauce, the first dish I thought of making with it was pasta, and even though I hear it is typically used with seafood in Spain, I wanted sausage with it. And wilty spinach and arugula, some sweet pepper slices and sauteed onions. And so that is exactly […]

Prosciutto Pear Bites w Herbs & Blue Cheese

Prosciutto Wrapped Blue Cheese Pear Bites ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #appetizer #recipe

Adapted from Real Simple Continuing on with my pear craze, I had to try making an appetizer with my pretty pears, and I thought tangy blue cheese, salty prosciutto, and bitter arugula would be a wonderful contrast with the sweet, juicy pears. I ate these little bites “raw”, but I think if you roasted them […]

Roasted Pears with Herbed Goat Cheese & Bacon

Roasted Pears with Herbed Goat Cheese & Bacon ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #pear #recipe

Adapted from Cooking Channel A lucky, lucky girl I am. People give me lovely fresh ingredients from their gardens and trees. Most of it comes from my parents, but these amazing pears, they came from my friends. So I have been reveling in all things pear lately. I’m coming to the end of the pears […]

Smoky Grilled Turkey, Gouda & Pear Sandwich

Smoky Grilled Turkey, Gouda & Pear Sandwich with Arugula ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #sandwich #recipe

Crunchy toasted bread, melty smoked gouda cheese, with smoked turkey, sweet pears and peppery arugula. I had so many plans for those lovely pears I got from my friends and had such fun cooking with them (and just enjoying them straight up, no prep, just pure pear-liciousness). One of the things I thought would be […]

Pineapple Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese & Walnuts

Pineapple Arugula Salad with Walnuts & Goat Cheese

and a minted honey lime yogurt dressing This is a super simple salad, but these flavors together are just divine! Pineapple Arugula Salad with Toasted Walnuts & Goat Cheese Spinach Arugula Mix Fresh pineapple chunks Goat cheese crumbles Walnuts, toasted Cover the plate/bowl with spinach & arugula. Arrange the other ingredients on top and drizzle […]

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