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Bagel Dogs

Bagel Dogs ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #homemade #breadmachine #bageldogs

Here’s a little trip back in time in recipe-land. A long, long time ago, when my son was little and the only little one we had in our newly started family, he was very active and busy and wild. He would drive his father crazy on Saturday mornings with all his energy when all his […]

Bread Machine Brioche Buns

Bread Machine Brioche Buns ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #yeast #bread #recipe

Slightly adapted from The Clever Carrot I don’t remember which week it was that The Clever Carrot shared these gorgeous brioche burger buns on my page, but I remember wanting to make them right away. I remember we were just having our first taste of spring weather and I was dying to fire up my grill. I […]

Cardamom Raspberry Rose Buns

Cardamom Raspberry Rose Buns ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #sweet #bread #recipe

Inspired by Del’s Cooking Twist The moment I saw these pretty buns from Del’s Cooking Twist, I wanted to make them. I love playing with bread dough, filling it with things, twisting and turning and shaping and molding … then letting it rise up and bake and seeing the beautiful shapes it becomes. These buns […]

Skolebrød ~ Norwegian “School Buns”

Skolebrød {Norwegian "School Buns"} ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #sweet #buns #recipe

Adapted from Kakemilla … she also has a very pretty wreath version of these I want to try sometime! Lightly sweet buns spiced with cinnamon & cardamom, stuffed with a thick vanilla custard filling and then glazed and sprinkled with coconut. My girl and I were looking over all the wonderful foods shared at the International […]

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls from Sumptuous Spoonfuls #pumpkin #bread #rolls #recipe

I always try to find a fun food project to do with the kids on the holidays. For Thanksgiving this year, I saw these adorable Pumpkin Dinner Rolls from Beyond Kimchee and thought it would be a great project to do with my little nieces and nephew. As soon as I started gathering things for […]

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