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Stella de Oro Salad with Cucumber, Pecans & 2 Cheeses

Stella de Oro Day Lily Salad wtih Cucumber, Pecans and 2 Cheeses

and a Tequila Lime Vinaigrette Today I outsmarted the deer in our back yard. I ate the day lilies. The deer usually eat them before I even get to see them. For years I didn’t know I even had day lilies because the deer ate the blossoms before I ever saw them. About.com says Stella de […]

Wilted Kale, Quinoa & Bacon Salad

Wilted Kale, Quinoa & Bacon Salad

So we got back from vacation last night after a long long 14-hour drive. I needed some GOOD food today, something that not only tastes good, but has all those super-nutritional things in it that are hard to find when you’re travelling. So I threw together this wilted kale salad. It has just the right […]

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