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Breakfast Pizza with Herbed Garlic Veggie Crust

Breakfast Pizza with Herbed Garlic Vegetable Crust ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #gluten-free #pizza #recipe

Healthy low cal, gluten free, and totally delicious breakfast pizza … is that possible? Oh yeah. It is. I have a new best friend in the veggie world. It’s an unassuming vegetable that often gets passed by in favor of the  more glamorous, colorful veggies. I like to snack on it raw sometimes, and it’s […]

Herbed Tomato White Cheddar Soup

Herbed Tomato White Cheddar Soup with Grilled Cheese on the Side

Oven roasting the tomatoes gives this soup a rich tomato flavor. The tart acidity of the tomato is rounded out with fresh herbs, garlic, cream, roasted onion and white cheddar cheese. Then, if you like, top it all off with an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich (french onion style!) or some grilled cheese “croutons”. I want […]

Asparagus Avec Fromage!

It’s the middle of summer and getting to the end of asparagus season, but I have a precious few spears left that I want to treasure. One of my very favorite ways to eat asparagus is in an omelet. I discovered that asparagus, smoked turkey and cheese blend really well so I love to experiment […]

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