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Bacon Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger Dip

Bacon Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger Dip ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #cheeseburger #dip #recipe

A cheesy, smoky dip loaded with the flavors of bacon and mushroom swiss burgers, with a little bit of a kick. We had a dip-off at work last week. Everyone was invited to enter their favorite dip recipe into this epic competition. Everyone in the company was invited to sample and vote. I couldn’t decide […]

King Ranch Chicken Soup

King Ranch Chicken Soup ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #cheesy #green #chile #chicken #soup #recipe

I’m a northern girl, but my ex-husband is from Texas. Many, many years ago when we lived a lot further south than we do now, he mentioned King Ranch Chicken to me, I think hoping that I would make it for him. I did look up the recipe and thought it looked good, but not […]

Pedernales River Chili

Pedernales River Chili ~ Lyndon B Johnson's favorite chili recipe ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #presidential #meaty #chili #recipe

This meaty chili was Lyndon B Johnson’s favorite. My dad made it, and told me how good it was, and had me taste it. Now, I’m not normally a “meaty” chili kinda person–I tend to stray over towards the ones with beans and loads of veggies, not that I have anything AGAINST meat per se, […]

Chicken Chile Verde Baked Eggs

Chicken Chile Verde Baked Eggs ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #Mexican #Breakfast #Recipe

a simple, delicious recipe for Mexican baked eggs using Tomate Chile Verde sauce (aka awesome-sauce) I was really glad that I had some tomate chile verde sauce left after the breakfast potluck because I had an idea and it involved eggs and cheese and that awesome sauce. Eggs baked in a flavorful tomato sauce transform into […]

Tomate Chile Verde Sauce (awesome-sauce)

Adapted from The Green Chile Bible My family has been making this sauce for many years … ever since I got The Green Chile Bible cookbook, I think. My dad decided this recipe should be made with tomatoes instead of water, and that’s how we’ve been making it, ever since. Typically, I use it for […]

Queso Blanco {Mexican White Cheese Dip}

Queso Blanco {Mexican White Cheese Dip} ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #dip #recipe

I started out to make a spicy white cheese dip and ended up with an almost orangey-colored dip … you will just have to trust me, this is a WHITE cheese dip. There are 4 kinds of white cheese in this dip: Pepper Jack, White Cheddar, Cream cheese, and Mozzarella. When I started stirring it […]

Green Chile Cheeseburger Soup

Green Chile Cheeseburger Soup ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #cheeseburger #soup #recipe

Green Chile Cheeseburgers are one of the delicacies you might come across if you visit New Mexico. I highly recommend them … especially if you happen to find yourself at the original Owl Cafe south of Albuquerque. You may want to make a special trip just for said cheeseburger … I’m just sayin’ … … […]

“To Die For” Cheesy Chili Layer Dip

"To Die For" Cheesy Chili Layer Dip

I totally LOVE this dip … I confess I have, at several points in my life, been guilty of making a pot of chili just so I could make this dip.  And yes, when I made my latest chili (the Fire Roasted 7-Bean Crockpot Chili), this dip was definitely on my mind. My sister (the […]

Cheddar Chile Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Focaccia

Cheddar Chile Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Toasted Focaccia

I had PLANNED to eat a salad today for lunch, but then the thunderstorms came … loudly announcing their arrival then drenching the world with a sudden rush of raindrops. It was wild and refreshing, definitely needed … but chilly. So the salad I thought would be just perfect for a hot summer day didn’t […]

Chile con Queso y Frijoles

Chile con Queso y Frijoles (Mexican Cheese Dip with Beans)

That’s “Mexican Cheese Dip with Beans” for those of us who don’t speak Spanish (and by the way, I don’t speak Spanish … I know a few words … cerveza, queso, chile, frijoles, “Donde es el banos?” and “No habla Espanol” … but that is it!) I have been craving some good spicy queso all […]

New Mexican Breakfast Burritos

New Mexican Breakfast Burritos

In New Mexico there is a special kind of magic. The skies are bluer, the sunsets are so more intense. The ground is mostly brown, but if you look closely you will see so many subtle, beautiful colors. And in October, the whole sky fills with color when people all over the world come to […]

Cinnamon Kissed Green Chile Pork Stew

Cinnamon Kissed Green Chile and Pork Stew

Sometimes you make a wish and send it out into the world and just trust that the world will take care of it. I try to be very careful with my wishes, because I have seen wishes gone awry. I have wished for things in my past that have come true, but not in the […]

Corn Chowder, New Mexico Style

corn-chowder-New Mexico Style

Have you ever been to New Mexico? If you haven’t, you must go. Really, schedule a trip to get there. Do it now. You must see this place before you die. It is one of the most enchanting places on earth. I used to live there. When I first moved to New Mexico from the […]

Spicy Summer Salad on the Patio

Salad with Pork, Romano shards, Spicy snack mix, Nuts, and Green Chile Ranch Dressing

It was such a lovely evening outside last night. It’s been SO hot and humid that even a little cool air felt so nice! I opened all the windows to let the summer breeze in, and was foraging around the kitchen looking for something for dinner. This is what I found: Mixed greens & fresh […]

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