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Zoodle Ricotta Pepperoni Pizza

Zucchini Noodle Pepperoni "Pizza" ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #healthy #cheesy #veggie #zoodle #recipe

Adapted slightly from The Dinner Mom I am still working on my “eat more veggies” initiative where I’m trying to eat more veggies every day. For a while, I let veggies take over my life, but then I realized I was overdoing it … and in the process, making myself miserable. Yes, it’s good to […]

Easy Zucchini Pepperoni Pizza Bites

Easy Zucchini Pepperoni Pizza Bites ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls#easy #glutenfree #pizza #recipe

I came home from work hungry the other night with a whole evening in front of me to work on the garden produce. The first thing I pulled out of my fridge was a rather large zucchini. It wasn’t one of those gargantuan sized ones that you could use for a baseball bat, but it […]

Pepperoni Pizza Baked Eggs

Pepperoni Pizza Baked Eggs with Mushrooms & Spinach ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #pizza #eggs #recipe

with Spinach & Mushrooms & Garlic. Another breakfast creation borne of post-yoga hunger. Some people think yoga is easy. How hard can it be? Well, it CAN be easy, but it can also be a great challenge … it depends on your attitude, effort and experience … and also, who’s teaching the class. The Saturday […]

Crock Pot Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Crockpot Pepperoni Pizza Dip ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #appetizer #recipe

Adapted from Real Housemoms This dip has been calling me! When I laid my eyes on this Crockpot Pizza Dip from Real Housemoms, I knew it was time for me to graduate from meats and stews and try my crockpot out for something DIFFERENT. I made a few modifications to the recipe … I lightened it […]

Pepperoni Pizza Macaroni & Cheese

Pepperoni Pizza Macaroni & Cheese

Think pepperoni pizza turned macaroni and cheese. Comfort food x 2. And super simple so you can get it on the table quickly on a busy weeknight when you have no time to think, let alone make a fancy dinner. Of course, if you prefer sausage pizza (or vegie pizza), you can swap out the pepperoni […]

Smoky Stuffed Pepperoni Pull Apart Rolls

Smoky Pepperoni Cheese Stuffed Pull Apart Rolls

Post #3 of 5 in my Five Favorite Things for my Five Thousand Foodie Friends series … #1 was salad. #2 was dip. #3 is BREAD! You might have noticed if you’ve hung around this blog very much that I adore making bread. There’s no better smell in a home than a loaf of fresh […]

Herbed Pepperoni Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Herbed Pepperoni Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Four Cheeses

on Speckled Pepperoni Cheese Bread Every once in a while I get a craving for pepperoni. The thin, thin sliced pepperoni that gets a tad crispy when you put it on top of a pizza? I love that. I don’t like the grease, though, and usually pepperoni pizzas are swimming in grease. I thought pepperoni […]

Speckled Pepperoni Cheese Bread

Speckled Pepperoni Cheese Bread

The magic of this bread is it has these teeny tiny little speckles of pepperoni and an underlying hint of cheesiness to it, but the flavors are very subtle, so you have this soft savory bread with just a hint of this extra flavor and (if you don’t tell them ahead of time) people can’t quite […]

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