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Tomato Basil & Gouda Breakfast Sandwich

Tomato Basil & Smoked Gouda Breakfast Sandwich ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #breakfast #sandwich #recipe

I have just a few fresh garden tomatoes left (the last from the plants I brought inside when it started freezing at night) and I want to put these last little garden treasures to good use. The other day I made myself a cheesy bruschetta, which is always good, and this morning I was craving something […]

Havarti, Cheddar & Chive Pesto Grilled Cheese

Havarti & Chive Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #gourmet #grilled #cheese

There was a very good reason I wanted to make that chive pesto so badly … this grilled cheese sandwich was calling to me. Once my friend had mentioned such an amazing idea, it wasn’t about to be abandoned, abolished or forgotten. Making the pesto was just the pre-cursor to the sandwich … I dug […]

Amy’s Savory Sandwich Cake (Smorgastarta)

Savory Sandwich Cake {Smorgastarta} ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #sandwich #recipe

Inspired by Panini Happy It’s a sandwich that looks like a cake … bread makes the “cake layers”, egg and salmon salad make the “fillings” and the “frosting” is a mix of light cream cheese and Greek yogurt (and incidentally, the easiest frosting I’ve ever worked with!) …  The idea of making something savory that […]

Pesto Pepper Havarti Bacon Panino

Pesto Pepper Bacon Havarti Panino ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #sandwich #recipe

I baked a loaf of french bread today that turned out delicious, but a little flattened because I let it “rise” for too long. (We took too long shopping I guess!) It still tastes wonderful … so I decided it would make a good sandwich, Panino style, cut sideways and stuffed. I spread the bread […]

Cheddar Chile Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Focaccia

Cheddar Chile Chicken Avocado Sandwich on Toasted Focaccia

I had PLANNED to eat a salad today for lunch, but then the thunderstorms came … loudly announcing their arrival then drenching the world with a sudden rush of raindrops. It was wild and refreshing, definitely needed … but chilly. So the salad I thought would be just perfect for a hot summer day didn’t […]

Mini Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Mini Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I’ve been eyeing all the beautiful Caprese sandwiches online for so long, waiting for the day when I had a fresh garden tomato to make one. So I have a funny story to tell you. Last fall I had a potted tomato plant that wasn’t finished making tomatoes when the frost came. I brought it […]

Herbed Pepperoni Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Herbed Pepperoni Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Four Cheeses

on Speckled Pepperoni Cheese Bread Every once in a while I get a craving for pepperoni. The thin, thin sliced pepperoni that gets a tad crispy when you put it on top of a pizza? I love that. I don’t like the grease, though, and usually pepperoni pizzas are swimming in grease. I thought pepperoni […]

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