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Fire Roasted 7-Bean Crockpot Chili

Fire-Roasted 7-Bean Crockpot Chili

A smoky tasting meat chili with fire roasted tomatoes, bell peppers, serranos and the rich depth of seven different beans. You see, after mom brought me all those ripe tomatoes from her garden and I fire roasted multiple batches of them, I made some of them into salsa, and some of them into enchilada sauce, […]

Fire Roasting Tomatoes, Peppers &/or Eggplant

Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Fire roasting tomatoes and other vegetables is a great way to add a new dimension of smoky flavor to salsas, soups, dips and sauces and it’s quite easy to do. Someone asked me how you fire roast tomatoes, so I thought I would do a quick post to show how I do it. I’ve got […]

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