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Over 20 Sumptuous Valentine’s Day Recipes

Over 20 Sumptuous Valentine's Day Recipes ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls & Friends #Recipes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day … so what is the most wonderful, heartfelt thing you can do for your loved ones? Given that food has been a universal and very deep connection for people since the beginning of mankind, yes, cooking for your loved ones is one of the best gifts from the heart. Sharing food […]

Baked Butternut Brown Rice Risotto

Fresh sage and Asiago cheese really balance out the sweetness of the squash and the brown rice gives it a nutty taste, creating a savory, comforting, creamy rice dish that I just want to snuggle up with as the chill of December settles upon us. This risotto is baked to simplify the process … there’s just […]

Zucchini Chanterelle Brown Rice Risotto

A creamy, nutty, comforting risotto that is much easier to make than traditional risotto … the rice is baked in the oven, rather than cooked on the stovetop with constant stirring like traditional risotto. This risotto is finished with about 5 minutes of stirring stovetop,  which brings out the starches from the rice and makes that […]

Bacon Spinach Wild Mushroom Risotto

Bacon Spinach Wild Mushroom Risotto ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #Italian #risotto #recipe

A wonderfully creamy, cheesy risotto (Italian rice) with bits of bacon, onion, bell pepper and spinach intertwined. The flavors blend so perfectly. I know, I’ve not been posting recipes much lately … you guys, I’ve been seriously distracted. Not much distracts me from food … but I have a couple things in my life lately that have […]

Bacon Onion White Cheddar Risotto

Bacon Onion White Cheddar Risotto ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #risotto #recipe

I am trying to convince my teenage daughter to love risotto. She has tried it a couple times and says she doesn’t like it. I think it’s a texture thing for her–it’s too creamy or something. I made this for her, in hopes that it will change her mind. I used bacon and her favorite […]

Curry Saffron Wild Mushroom Risotto

Curry Saffron Wild Mushroom Risotto ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #risotto #recipe

Creamy wild mushroom risotto with a light subtle hint of curry and saffron, Italian cheeses and cherry tomatoes, garnished with snipped chives and chive flowers. It’s not curry like you typically think of curry … it’s a very mild, subtle curry flavor from a curry plant. I had never heard of such a thing until […]

Shrimp, Asiago & Asparagus Risotto with Fresh Dill

Shrimp, Asiago & Asparagus Risotto with Fresh Dill ~ Sumptuous Spoonfuls #risotto #recipe

Rich and creamy risotto with tender shrimp and asparagus, the sharpness of Asiago cheese, and a bit of fresh dill and chives to add flavor. Risotto is one of those gourmet meals that is really not difficult to make and it doesn’t take long either. You can have it on the table in 30 minutes […]

Basil Asiago Risotto

Basil Asiago Risotto ~ from Sumptuous Spoonfuls #basil #asiago #risotto #recipe

Adapted from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen I made this Risotto to go with my Basil Asiago Baked Walleye. The flavors match, so of course they go together! …  I’m blogging it by request. I always love it when someone asks me for the recipe 🙂 I really really love risotto. It’s got such a wonderful creamy […]

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